The Drill II, a new bboy legacy has to be built and there is only one way to do this: go to Europe, find the best bboys with the dopest breakdance moves, feed them Croky chips and drill them to become the most impressive army of breakdancers. 94 bboys from Belgium and Holland were united by Bboy Sambo & Pirroman and trained with an iron fist to make this happen. Hands down the most challenging production I’ve ever done and it’s safe to say these kids slayed it and raised the bar in bboy world. Watch the trailer here: Watch the movie and enjoy the hard work and dedication of the 2016 world champion Shmetta Kids. Battle Droids, Flash Family, Fresh Allstars, Psychos, Bboy Sambo, Pirroman, Hurricane Ray, Sam Dewaele, Admiracles and AOOATV aka Team Awesome.