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Brussels x Cape Town
The Drill II, a new bboy legacy has to be built and there is only one way to do this: go to Europe, find the best bboys with the dopest breakdance moves, feed them Croky chips and drill them to become the most impressive army of breakdancers. 94 bboys from Belgium and Holland were united by Bboy Sambo & Pirroman and trained with an iron fist to make this happen. keep reading

Malines based Fast Forward Sneaker Shop contacted me a few weeks ago, to ask if I wanted to represent their shop and wear some of their sneakers. Free shit, hell yeah. Needless to say, I said yes. puma x alife First pair I picked up was this PumaALIFE special edition of the States model. A pair of shoes that only the cool kids rocked when I was a teenager (I wasn’t a cool kid at all, so of course I never wore these).

Some background info on this Puma x ALIFE collab:

Hailing and designing from their shop at 158 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side, the ALIFE crew will tell you how sports have had a long-lasting influence on the way they live and create streetwear. The second part of this years PUMA x ALIFE collection is built upon this passion and knowledge and is inspired by the brand’s New York heritage. This season’s first PUMA x ALIFE drop remixes the athletic and cultural history of New York City, elevating legends from the football pitch and the track with authentic style. The influence of the 1970s gets even more real with a pack inspired by “Welcome to Fear City” – a tourist safety pamphlet that warned visitors of the dangers and misfits downtown. The brand has taken to PUMA’s STATES, a cult name for those fanatic about the brand’s iconic suede silhouette. Taking a strong pop art approach towards its design, the shoe has been embossed with glossy snakeprint leather. pumaxalife_statesmarble_black_tc_5

Bonus history lesson

As a bonus… here’s something awesome I just found out about Puma: In 1924 the two brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler started manufacturing sportshoes. With a lot of effort they developed sneakers, which were exactly tailored for the needs of their athletes. Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games of 1936 wearing a pair of those Dassler shoes. But a few years later the two brothers went separate ways. Dassler shoes, run by Adi Dassler changed it’s name into Adidas, and in 1948 Rudolf Dassler founded Puma. So, basically… two of the world’s most renowned shoe companies were birthed from a bout of bad blood between siblings. Read more about it here.

Fast Forward Shop social media / address:

Fast Forward Shop on Instagram… curated by the lovely @mypixiestory. Fast Forward on Facebook. Fast Forward Mailorder Go say hi in real life… The shop girl’s hot.  Borzestraat 38, 2800 Mechelen, BELGIUM.

After teasing the world with the trailer of our collaboration with The Jane, we revealed the painting and premiered the video at The Jane last wednesday. Sergio Herman and Nick Bril from The Jane served all the guests an amazing 5 course meal. Here are some crappy Iphone photos (they don’t really do the food justice, but anyway). After dinner, more guests came down to enjoy some exquisite cocktails prepared by the Upper Room team of The Jane, while dj Rain Dear delivered some fine ass beats. In case you missed the video, here it is one last time… You can find a whole lot of behind the scenes and extras on this page! Here’s a selection of photos from the night, by our dear friend Kemizz, who apologises for the shitty quality. He says The Jane’s Gin&Tonics were too delicious. Can’t blame the man. He can make up for it at our wedding.

Once upon a time, the most beautiful girl in the world, my girlfriend Charlotte De Cock got approached by “The Jane“, which happens to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world. (what a coincidence). They asked if it would be possible to work together. Since she’s an amazing painter, she obviously said yes and since the concept involved my girlfriend’s nakedness, I decided to join in as well 🙂 … A unique colaboration was born. We decided to join our forces to create a powerful piece of visual awesomeness. Architecture/interior design, paint and film all blended together.


We started by filming a sequence inside the restaurant, Charlotte then selected an image out of that footage to paint, and that painting got timelapsed again by myself… More than 10000 photos were taken to show the process from empty canvas to finished artwork.

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, the painting

According to Charlotte: The Jane is a very powerful place full of creativity and the name screams femininity, passion and strength. As a result the painting, which is called “JANE By Charlotte”, shows a strong, female body as centerpiece.

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, the video

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, the trailer

Behind the scenes by Kemizz: