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Wolvenkinderen is a book I've co-created and designed.
Filled to the rim with recipes and adventures for all kids younger than 100 years, dresscode: outdoors!
For now, it's only available in Dutch, but the English translation is in the making.


They make up so many of our childhood memories. Our imaginations swept us off to all sorts of places. We conjured up heroes and villains and magical worlds. Stories were the catalysts for our greatest adventures.

So how did we get so lost along the way? When did we forget how to make our own stories?

Now, we’re consumed by smart phones, smart homes, gadgets and eyes glued to screens. When did we we become such passive participants in our lives?

The Wolvenkinderen and their adventures are the perfect inspiration of how we can change this. Let’s embrace the power of stories and bring it to life in the outdoors. Let’s get back to actively creating our own stories. Cause in a few years from now, no kid will ever remember their best day on an iPad.

It’s story time. What’s yours?