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Brussels x Cape Town
The Drill II, a new bboy legacy has to be built and there is only one way to do this: go to Europe, find the best bboys with the dopest breakdance moves, feed them Croky chips and drill them to become the most impressive army of breakdancers. 94 bboys from Belgium and Holland were united by Bboy Sambo & Pirroman and trained with an iron fist to make this happen. keep reading

Once upon a time, the most beautiful girl in the world, my girlfriend Charlotte De Cock got approached by “The Jane“, which happens to be the most beautiful restaurant in the world. (what a coincidence). They asked if it would beĀ possible to work together. Since she’s an amazing painter, she obviously said yes and since the concept involved my girlfriend’s nakedness, I decided to join in as well šŸ™‚ … A unique colaboration was born. We decided to join our forces to create a powerful piece of visual awesomeness. Architecture/interior design, paint and film all blended together.


We started by filming a sequence inside the restaurant, Charlotte then selected an image out of that footage to paint, and that painting got timelapsed again by myself… More than 10000 photos were taken to show the process from empty canvas to finished artwork.

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, the painting

According to Charlotte: The Jane is a very powerful place full of creativity and the name screams femininity, passion and strength. As a result the painting, which is called ā€œJANE By Charlotteā€, shows a strong, female body as centerpiece.

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, the video

DAZE TRILOGY part 1: JANE, theĀ trailer

Behind the scenes by Kemizz: