After teasing the world with the trailer of our collaboration with The Jane, we revealed the painting and premiered the video at The Jane last wednesday. Sergio Herman and Nick Bril from The Jane served all the guests an amazing 5 course meal. Here are some crappy Iphone photos (they don’t really do the food justice, but anyway).

A Night With Charlotte

A Night With Charlotte, the food

After dinner, more guests came down to enjoy some exquisite cocktails prepared by the Upper Room team of The Jane, while dj Rain Dear delivered some fine ass beats. In case you missed the video, here it is one last time… You can findĀ a whole lot of behind the scenes and extras on this page! Here’s a selection of photos from the night, by our dear friend Kemizz, who apologises for the shitty quality. He says The Jane’s Gin&Tonics were too delicious. Can’t blame the man. He can make up for it at our wedding.