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Over the past decade, AOOA.TV has become a leading producer of promotional movies for events and brands worldwide. Due to founder Richard Van der Vieren’s idiosyncratic and dynamic style of filming and editing, AOOA.TV has attracted major names in the industries of electronic music, extreme sports, apparel, etc…Today, AOOA.TV means more than business.

Today, AOOA.TV means more than business. With tens of millions of views generated or his clients and almost 5million views on the teller of his own Youtube channel, the company has become an influential point of reference for numerous young creative minds. Imitated by many, surpassed by none. Driven by a taste for meticulous and innovate editing, AOOA.TV continues to raise the bar in order to take its productions, as well as those of its clients, to higher grounds.


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We've been around the world at least 3 times and worked in more than 50 countries.


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